We offer advanced clinical services, medical records support, a dedicated IT staff, and 24/7 access to a pharmacist, making patient care our first concern. Blue Ridge Pharmacy’s priorities align with facility priorities, as customers count on the timely delivery of medications, clean medical records, and accurate billing necessary in todays’ long term care environment.

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Our pharmacists are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the availability of medication. Our drug dispensing program is designed to cost effectively standardize drug procedures and provide uniformity throughout each facility. Depending upon the facility’s needs, they may choose from a wide range of customized medication dispensing systems including:

  • 30 day blister on demand
  • 30 day blister cycle
  • 14 day Opus cycle
  • day Opus cycle
  • Multi- or Single-dose pouch packaging
  • Vials
Dispensing Services


Blue Ridge Pharmacy utilizes our own drivers and vehicles to deliver to facilities. A daily scheduled delivery occurs twice Monday thru Friday and once on Saturday. Sundays or additional deliveries occur as emergencies arise. Our drivers will check in orders against a delivery manifest with the assistance of facility personnel.

  • Routine Deliveries 6 Days/Week.
  • Emergency Delivery 365 days/Year.
  • Two part delivery and return manifests.
Medication Delivery Car


Blue Ridge Pharmacy offers the best in Electronic Medication Administration Records – from initial set up, to start up, to ongoing customer support. With dedicated Information Technology (IT) associates on staff and a medical records team with years of EMAR experience, Blue Ridge Pharmacy is ready to give any facility the tools it needs to push patient care to a whole new level. We understand how important technology is in today’s long term care environment and are passionate about delivering focused solutions that meet your needs. With interfaces to all major LTC management platforms or the option of a freestanding EMAR product, Blue Ridge Pharmacy can offer a customized program that delivers big results. Contact us today to find out how BRP’s EMAR program can help you spend less time on paperwork and more time taking care of your residents.


The Blue Ridge Pharmacy billing staff are located within the pharmacy. All billing questions receive prompt attention and are resolved at the same location. We are contracted with most third party prescription plans, including all Medicare D plans, as well as Medicaid. We pride ourselves on developing a direct relationship with residents and family members so that facilities can stop focusing on billing questions and instead concentrate on patient care:

Benefits of Blue Ridge Pharmacy billing include:

  • In house billing staff for personal communication with facility, residents and their families
  • Timely Credits issued for most returned medications, where allowed by law
  • Customized facility statements
  • Medicare Part D plan assistance


Blue Ridge Pharmacy has a certified USP 797 sterile clean room where a full range of high quality admixtures are formulated for our customers. USP Chapter 797 describes the procedures and requirements for compounding sterile preparations and sets the standards that apply to all settings in which sterile preparations are compounded. Our state of the art IV compounding facility allows Blue Ridge Pharmacy to provide:

  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Pain management
  • Hydration Therapy

IV therapy is continuously becoming more complex and Blue Ridge Pharmacy is prepared to be your resource. We provide 24-hour nursing/physician support, nurse and staff training and complete policy/procedure manuals.


A team of highly trained staff will be on site to provide a seamless transition from your current pharmacy provider.

  • Oversee and implement all facets of the conversion process
  • Make the transition to our pharmacy quick, efficient and worry free
  • Conduct staff in-servicing
  • Preparation and transfer of medical records
  • Switching out medication carts without affecting regular operations
  • Communication with residents’ families about the transfer
  • Conduct family nights to address aspects of service changes
  • Execute the changeover with precision and efficiency

Having built our client base one facility at a time to what it is today, we are well versed in effective transitions. We are certain that you will find our commitment to your satisfaction highly evident throughout the startup process.


  • Comprehensive drug regimen reviews
  • Disease state management
  • In-service education and CE certifications
  • Regulatory compliance
  • QA/CQI meeting attendance
  • Med pass audits
  • Direct interaction with physician
  • Formulary management with an emphasis on cost savings to the facility
  • Summaries of recommendations and reports of facility specific indicators
  • Timely monthly reports to assist in managing your residents’ care
  • Monthly medication storage audits
  • Internal Pharmacists will alert the facility to non-covered Medicare D items and make appropriate recommendations before medications are dispensed
  • Consultants are available to speak with residents and their responsible parties regarding medication therapies and/or alternatives
  • Assist with Antibiotic Stewardship initiatives
  • Additionally, we offer support to dietary, medical records and nursing staff to identify and resolve resident care issues