Why Consider Quickdose

Service and Care are at the heart of everything we do

  • Is it easy to give great care when you’re digging through piles of bubble packs or cassettes to find a medicine?
  • Were bubble packs designed for caregivers or were they designed for pharmacies?
  • Are bubble packs still the best option in today’s long term care facility?

Challenges in Today’s LTC Facility:

  • Tighter reimbursement, less nursing time
  • More drugs than ever before
  • Residents have shorter stays at LTC facilities than in the past
  • Payment penalties based on preventable readmissions
  • EMAR


A fully customizable pharmacy dispensing solution

Features a wide range of dosing options:

  • Single Dose<
  • Variable cycle lengths
  • Multi dose
  • Include or Exclude any drug or type of drug you want

Get the “look” that fits your facility and staff

  • Customizable information on each pack
  • Icons corresponding to med pass times
  • Easy-to-read pill descriptions
  • And more!
Quickdose Packet


More Accurate

  • No more shuffling through the cart looking for bubble packs
  • No more punching out two tablets to make the proper dose
  • No more extra meds sitting in the cart, ready to cause an error

Less Waste

  • Cycles are shorter so you don’t waste tons of pills every time there’s a change

Easier for Leave of Absences

  • Tear off the number of days the resident will be gone and they’re on their way
  • Packaging is easy to transport and will work for any type of travel

All routine medications are delivered regularly as part of cycle

  • No chance of forgetting to re-order a routine med, or pharmacy not sending

Save nursing time with every med pass

  • Medications are more organized and quickly accessible
  • No punching out multiple cards and doses
  • An accurate pill description prints on the pouch, allowing for quick identification of each medication
  • No time spent requesting and tracking down refills on routine meds

The Bottom Line:

Nurses are free to take care of residents instead of hunting down medicines!

Quickdose In Action